Why Appoint CICS As Your Visa Consultant

We are Registered immigration consultants serving clients in India, Canada, UAE and All GCC Countries

Our friendly knowledgeable staff includes Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants RCIC, ICCRRC, Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, former Canada Immigration and Citizenship officer, and associate Canadian Immigration Lawyers.

We have a proven track record in bringing in skilled professionals and business people, sponsoring spouses, partners and family members worldwide. We go to extraordinary miles to see that your loved ones are reunited with you in Canada as soon as possible.

Our clients refer their family and friends to us with confidence. The majority of our clients have their interviews with Citizenship and Immigration Canada waived. We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you in all Canadian Immigration matters.

We only accept clients who we are confident will have the best chance of success. If we feel that you will not qualify, we will be honest with you, and you will not be left with false hopes or have spent money needlessly.

You will have peace of mind knowing if you qualify now, or what you will need to do to qualify in the future. Canadian Immigration law is complex. Allow us to guide you through the process from start to finish.